About Me:

I am a yogi, runner, part time surfer, foodie, traveller, network marketer, entrepreneur and (now) writer. This blog is an evolution of a food blog I wrote years ago for a foodie web site, the blogging I do for my Arbonne business (30DayChallengeskl) and most recently to document this journey I’m taking of leaving behind 15 years of corporate life to venture out on my own and follow some dreams.  The journey to get here and the road ahead of me has been fascinating, challenging, exhausting, amazing, and never boring. At the recommendation of many friends/colleagues/family members etc I decided to start writing down what let me hear and updating folks on where things are going. So, with that…here we are.

Why “Finding Brave”?

In some ways the reference to “Brave” is a bit of homage to my Celtic heritage. I’m a Canadian woman born to Scottish immigrants. I was raised in Canada but have a spent a great deal of my life in Scotland visiting my large extended family, so “Scotland the Brave” etc., this is a bit of salute to wee Anna & Andy (my beloved mum & dad) and the rest of the family. It takes a village…and they all had their part in what I became/will become.

Also, as I started telling people in the last year that I was repeatedly told I was ‘very brave’ for leaving the comfort of a corporate salary/benefits/stable employment to pursue some my passions and venture out on my own. I don’t know that I feel particularly brave for venturing out this way but I’ll certainly need to be brave as I go through the high’s and low’s of being an incorporation of me.

So there you are……this is my story from finding the bravery to begin this journey, and seeing where it takes me.


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